20 Continuous Shots Followed by Siddhartha / siddhartha Onusrito Bishti Choloman Drishyo
Short-Experimental / 20 min / Language Bengali / 2016 / Bangladesh


Twenty continuous shots linger over the slums of Dhaka, contrasting a young man's search for moments of stillness and clarity with the megacity's constant onslaught of sound and movement. The young man seeks peace on a series of bridges crossing an open sewer while the noises of modern urban life - from radio advertising to religious sermons - babble on without pause.


Siddhartha starts living in a slum finding the meaning of his existence in life. He sees the gray livelihood flowing like a sewer, juxtaposed with sounds of newsreel commentary, political speech, religious sermon and pornography while those sounds seem more visible in 20 repeated and morbid continuous shots followed by Siddhartha.


Curta Cinema - Rio de Janeiro IFF
Celebrating Life – The Daily Star Best Documentary Award

Abid Hossain Khan



Abid is a young and emerging independent filmmaker interested in making experimental films. “20 continuous shorts followed by Siddhartha” is his debut film.

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