The Last Post Office / Short Fiction / 16:40 min / Bengali / 2018 / Bangladesh


‘The Last Post Office’ is a fairytale with an evil twist. On the edge of Bangladesh, cradled between mountains and water, stands a post office-the only mark of civilization. This post office has a notorious reputation. People who work here, disappear. The Last Post Office tells an allegorical tale of two men who work in this post office, two men who are also in love with each other.


Locarno Film Festival 2018
Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival 2019
Tampare Film Festival 2019
Hong Kong International Film Festival 2019

Aung Rakhine



Aung Rakhine is one of the aspiring indigenous filmmakers who are, despite of various barriers, struggling hard to come out with their own stories. My Bicycle is Aung’s first feature film, and the first feature film to be made in an indigenous language in Bangladesh.


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